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"Serving America Since 1901"


When this regiment was organized in 1901, the color of Infantry facings was white, which has been taken for the color of the shield. As soon as organized the regiment went to the Philippines, seeing active service against the Moros in Mindanao. The kris and kampilan, the Moro weapons, commemorate such service.

In the World War the 28th Infantry was in the 1st Division, and was the attacking regiment at Cantigny, the first important engagement of our Army in that war. Cantigny is in the ancient province of Picardy, whose arms carried three black rampant lions. The regiment was cited twice in Army Orders by the French for distinguished services rendered at Cantigny and Soissons, and was awarded the fourragre, which is incorporated as a part of the crest. The motto is Vincit Amor Patriae (Love of Country Conquers).

The coat of arms was approved on 11 Dec 1920.

We are an organization of veterans who served in the 28th US Infantry Regiment, its Battle Groups or Battalions in WW I, WW II, the Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghanistan and during peacetime as well.

Membership in the 28th U.S. Infantry Regiment Association is open to anyone who ever served in any unit of the 28th Infantry (The 28th Infantry Regiment, or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Battalions of the 28th Infantry, or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Battle Groups) of the 28th Infantry, at any time, and to the blood relatives of anyone who so served.

1 April 2014

This announcement provides you with information on the Army Regimental System, and more specifically on the Distinguished Member and Honorary Member of the Regiment program.

The U.S. Army Regimental System is a Chief of Staff Army program designed to provide each soldier with continuous identification with a single regiment throughout their active duty period and to support the program with a personnel system that would increase a soldier’s probability of serving recurring assignments with his or her regiment. The purpose of the program is to enhance combat effectiveness through a framework that provides the opportunity for affiliation, develops loyalty and commitment, fosters an extended sense of belonging, improves unit esprit, institutionalizes the warfighting ethos, and provides the opportunity to further emphasize the history, customs, and traditions of the regiment. Following active duty individuals can continue their regimental affiliation through membership in private military associations. The organization that serves the “previously served” Black Lion community is the 28th Infantry Regiment Association.

The U.S. Army’s Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) and Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) program is governed by Army Regulation 600-82. Each regiment has appointed by the Secretary of the Army an Honorary Colonel of the Regiment (HCOR) and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment (HSGMOR) to administer the program. Their primary duty is to receive and vet nominations for DMOR and HMOR on an annual basis. DMORs are individuals who have distinguished themselves through their military service, civilian service, or significant service rendered for the betterment of their community, state, or nation. DMORs must have served in the Regiment. The designation is bestowed on these individuals by the Secretary of the Army after a thorough vetting process by the HCOR, HSGMOR, and active duty Battalion Commander designated to administer home base and other regimental responsibilities. For the 28th Infantry Regiment the commander of 1st Battalion has regimental responsibilities. HMOR are soldiers, their spouses, and individuals who have made a contribution or provided a service to the regiment, but who have never been assigned members of the regiment.

The DMOR/HMOR process for 2014 is complete. The Chief of Infantry has approved nine nominations for appointment as Distinguished Members of the 28th Infantry Regiment, six nominations for appointment as Honorary Members of the 28th Infantry Regiment, and the nomination for appointment as Honorary Sergeant Major of the 28th Infantry Regiment. The DMORs include three distinguished active duty Soldiers: Colonel Patrick Frank, Major Christopher Richie, and Staff Sergeant Jayson Johnson; three retirees: LTC Peter Lind, CSM Clifford Dockter, and Major Thomas Taylor; and three Black Lion faithful who previously served in the Regiment: Michael MacDonald, Fred Tolson, and David Himmer. The new HSGMOR is CSM Clifford Dockter. The HMORs are: retired General Carter Ham and Colonel David Johnson; and, Mrs. John Reynolds, Mrs. MaryAlice Burke Carmichael, Mrs. Shelia Aldridge, and Mr. Michael Burke.

The Commander of 1st Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment (aka Black Lion 6) is hosting DMOR investitures at Fort Riley on 29 May 2014. HMORs will be appointed at the Combat Officers of the 1st Division annual meeting on 26 April in Washington D.C.

Billy G Murphy
49th Colonel of the Regiment

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22 March 2014

This letter announces a new category of membership in the 28th Infantry Regiment Association.

During the Viet Nam war Lieutenant General (then Captain) James Ellis served the Regiment as the Company Commander of Alpha Company 1st Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment. During Captain Ellis's time in command of Alpha Company, eight of his Black Lions were killed in action. These men lost their lives while serving the Regiment, but their memory has never been lost on General Ellis. Each year General Ellis honors his fallen Alpha Company Lions by renewing their membership in the 28th Infantry Regiment Association. I became aware of General Ellis's tribute to his Soldiers only after I became the association president. Word of General Ellis's manner of honoring his Soldiers began to spread informally within our ranks and other members of the association expressed their desire to honor fallen buddies. This has given rise to a new category of membership in our regimental association-Eternal Membership.

An Eternal Member is a member of the Regiment who was killed in action, and whose membership in the Association is provided by a sponsor. Eternal membership is assured by a one-time payment of annual dues. Eternal Members and sponsors will be linked on a name-to-name basis, and displayed on the Association website.

Mike MacDonald
Your Association President

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